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Accounting Readiness

Accounting ReadinessThe presentation of net assets, financial results has become increasingly the focus of interest of shareholders, banks, rating agencies and regulators since the financial crisis. The attention of stakeholders lies on the external representation of the company, the methods of results analysis as well as the fulfillment of disclosure requirements. Across industries, companies dealing with complex accounting requirements in the context of international accounting standards. To cope with this challenges, companies are required to perform ongoing adjustments in the existing completion processes and systems.

The cerafin offer

cerafin supports its clients in performance national and international requirements for the annual and consolidated financial statements. cerafin has extensive experience in answering and optimization of specific and complex issues in the context of accounting for revenue recognition, depreciation, deferred taxes, financial instruments, fair value determination, execution and documentation of impairment testing, creating extensive appendix information, development of reporting and adaptation underlying IT systems. Concomitant changes also allow the alignment of value-based management in accordance with conform performance indicators.

Your benefit by chosing cerafin

  • Reduction of closing-times for monthly, quarterly, annual and consolidated financial statements
  • Implementation of new/revised IAS / IFRS and U.S. GAAP'' requirements
  • Fulfillment of stakeholder requirements in terms of transparency and speed